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A. Ballester-Bolinches, John Cossey, Yangming Li

Mutually permutable products and conjugacy classes

Monatsh. Math., 170, 305-310 (2013)


A subgroup A of a finite group G is said to be S-permutably embedded in G if for each prime p dividing the order of A, every Sylow p-subgroup of A is a Sylow p-subgroup of some S-permutable subgroup of G. In this paper we determine how the S-permutable embedding of several families of subgroups of a finite group influences its structure

Keywords: Finite group, Permutability, S-permutability, Maximal subgroups,
Minimal subgroups

Mathematics Subject Classification (2010): 20D05, 20D10, 20D35, 20F17