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Adolfo Ballester-Bolinches, Luis M. Ezquerro, Yangming Li, and Ning Su

On partial CAP-subgroups of finite groups

J. Algebra, 431 (2015), 196–208


Given a chief factor H/K of a finite group G, we say that a subgroup A of G avoids H/K if H∩A=K∩A; if HA=KA, then we say that A covers H/K. If A either covers or avoids the chief factors of some given chief series of G, we say that A is a partial CAP-subgroup of G. Assume that G has a Sylow p-subgroup of order exceeding pk. If every subgroup of order pk, where k≥1, and every subgroup of order 4 (when pk=2 and the Sylow 2-subgroups are non-abelian) are partial CAP-subgroups of G, then G is p-soluble of p-length at most 1.

2010 Mathematics subject classification: 20D10; 20D20

Keywords: Finite group; Partial CAP-subgroup; p-soluble group; p-length