Paper “Normalisers of residuals of finite groups” published in Arch. Math. (Basel)

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A. Ballester-Bolinches, S. F. Kamornikov, and H. Meng

Normalisers of residuals of finite groups

Arch. Math. (Basel), 109(4):305–310, 2017


Let F be a subgroup-closed saturated formation of finite groups containing all finite nilpotent groups, and let M be a subgroup of a finite group G normalising the F-residual of every non-subnormal subgroup of G. We show that M normalises the F-residual of every subgroup of G. This answers a question posed by Gong and Isaacs (Arch Math 108:1–7, 2017) when F is the formation of all finite supersoluble groups.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 20D10, 20D35

Keywords: Finite group, Formation, Residual, Subnormality