Paper «On finite involutive Yang-Baxter groups» published in Proc. Amer. Math. Soc.

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H. Meng, A. Ballester-Bolinches, R. Esteban-Romero, and N. Fuster-Corral.
On finite involutive Yang-Baxter groups.
Proc. Amer. Math. Soc., 149(2):793–804, 2021.



A group G is said to be an involutive Yang-Baxter group, or simply an IYB-group, if it is isomorphic to the permutation group of an involutive, nondegenerate set-theoretic solution of the Yang-Baxter equation. We give new sufficient conditions for a group that can be factorised as a product of two IYB-groups to be an IYB-group. Some earlier results are direct consequences of our main theorem.

2020 Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary 81R50; Secondary 20F29, 20B35, 20F16, 20C05, 16S34, 16T25

Keywords: Finite left brace, Yang-Baxter equation, involutive nondegenerate solutions, involutive Yang-Baxter group