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Rex Darl, Arnold D. Feldman, M. D. Pérez-Ramos.
Nilpotent length and system permutability.
J. Algebra, 589:287-322, 2022.


If C is a class of groups, a C-injector of a finite group G is a subgroup V of G with the property that VK is a C-maximal subgroup of K for all subnormal subgroups K of G. The classical result of B. Fischer, W. Gaschütz and B. Hartley states the existence and conjugacy of F-injectors in finite soluble groups for Fitting classes F. We shall show that for groups of nilpotent length at most 4, F-injectors permute with the members of a Sylow basis in the group. We shall exhibit the construction of a Fitting class and a group of nilpotent length 5, which fail to satisfy the result and show that the bound is the best possible.

2020 Mathematics Subject Classification: 20D10, 20D20.

Keywords: Fitting soluble group, Fitting class, injector, system permutability.