Paper “Prime Power Indices in Factorised Groups” published in Mediterr. J. Math.

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M. J. Felipe, A. Martínez Pastor, and V. M. Ortiz-Sotomayor

Prime power indices in factorised groups.

Mediterr. J. Math., 14(6):Art. 225, 15, 2017


Let the group G=AB be the product of the subgroups A and B. We determine some structural properties of G when the p-elements in AB have prime power indices in G, for some prime p. More generally, we also consider the case that all prime power order elements in AB have prime power indices in G. In particular, when G=A=B, we obtain as a consequence some known results.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 20D10, 20D40, 20E45, 20D20

Keywords: Finite groups, Products of groups, Conjugacy classes, Sylow subgroups