New scientific nonprofit association and journal «AGTA – Advances in Group Theory and Applications»

Dear friends,

I would like to let you know that, following the experience of the series of conferences «Advances in Group Theory and Applications», the scientific nonprofit association

«AGTA – Advances in Group Theory and Applications»

has been founded  last July. The society aims to promote and disseminate the scientific culture and the research in group theory and its applications, and it wishes to become a reference point for young people intending to start research on this subject, regardless of their geographical origin. To achieve this purpose, AGTA organizes international conferences and publishes a new journal devoted to group theory and its applications, with title

«Advances in Group Theory and Applications»

The first issue of the journal is scheduled for the first half of 2016. Our journal will be printed, but also available in open access modality on the web site of the society. There are no publication processing charges, since all costs associated with the publication and production are covered by AGTA. Papers are accepted after a rigorous peer-review process.

Attached to this message you find the flyer, while the web page of the journal can be found at

I am inviting you to visit also the web site of the society at the address

where you can find informations on the next group theory conferences, and news, historical documents and pictures which can be of interest to members of the group theory community.

Best regards, Francesco

Prof.Dr. Francesco de Giovanni
Dipartimento di Matematica e Applicazioni
via Cintia
I – 80126  Napoli (Italy)
degiovan (at)