Paper «Thompson-like characterization of solubility for products of finite groups» published in Ann. Mat. Pura Appl. (4)

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P. Hauck, L. S. Kazarin, A. Martínez-Pastor, and M. D. Pérez-Ramos.
Thompson-like characterization of solubility for products of finite groups.
Ann. Mat. Pura Appl. (4), 200(1):337–362, 2021.



A remarkable result of Thompson states that a finite group is soluble if and only if all its two-generated subgroups are soluble. This result has been generalized in numerous ways, and it is in the core of a wide area of research in the theory of groups, aiming for global properties of groups from local properties of two-generated (or more generally, n-generated) subgroups. We contribute an extension of Thompson’s theorem from the perspective of factorized groups. More precisely, we study finite groups G = AB with subgroups A, B such that ⟨a, b⟩ is soluble for all aA and bB. In this case, the group G is said to be an S-connected product of the subgroups A and B for the class S of all finite soluble groups. Our Main Theorem states that G = AB is S-connected if and only if [A, B] is soluble. In the course of the proof, we derive a result about independent primes regarding the soluble graph of almost simple groups that might be interesting in its own right.

2020 Mathematics Subject Classification: 20D40, 20D10

Keywords: Solubility, products of subgroups, two-generated subgroups, S-connection, almost simple groups, independent primes