Visita de Jean-Éric Pin (08-15/10/2016)

Oct ’16Oct
Oct ’16
Oct ’16
Oct ’16

Jean-Éric PinEstimadas compañeras, estimados compañeros:

El profesor Jean-Éric Pin, del Institut de Recherche en Informatique Fondamentale (IRIF), CNRS y Université Paris-Diderot, visitará el Departament de Matemàtiques entre el 8 y el 15 de octubre. El profesor Pin es especialista en la teorías de semigrupos y de autómatas y lenguajes formales. Durante su visita impartirá un curso de seis horas titulado

«Stone duality and formal languges»

los días

  • martes 11, 15.00-17.00,
  • jueves 13, 12.00-14.00,
  • viernes 14, 11.00-13.00

en el seminario de Álgebra del segundo piso de la Facultat de Matemàtiques.

Quedáis todos invitados.



First announcement «Advances in Group Theory and Applications 2014 – The School» (Porto Cesareo, Italy, 3-6 June, 2014)

Feb ’14
Jun ’14Jun

We are happy to forward this announcement of Francesco Catino and Francesco de Giovanni:

Porto Cesareo, Lecce, ITDear Colleagues,

this is the first announcement of the event

(June 3 – 6th, 2014 – Porto Cesareo, Lecce)

that will take place next June in Porto Cesareo, in the splendid location of the Hotel «Lo Scoglio» (the same of the conferences Advances in Group Theory and Applications 2009, 2011, 2013).
The aim of the School is to give to young mathematicians (especially to Ph.D. and post-doc Algebra students) the opportunity to attend to a series of four intensive mini-courses on advanced topics in the theory of groups and its applications, which currently deserve high research interest.

The School is directed by F. Catino and F. de Giovanni, and the following courses will be held.

  1. E. Aljadeff (Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Israel): Gradings on Associative Algebras, Polynomial Identities and Generic Constructions
  2. A. Ballester Bolinches (Universitat de Valencia, Spain): An Introduction to Fusion in Finite Groups
  3. V.V. Belyaev (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia): Locally Finite Groups
  4.  H. Laue (Mathematisches Seminar, Christian-Albrechts Universitat Kiel, Germany): General Transfer Methods in Group Theory

The number of participants will be bounded to 30. Interested young scientists from worldwide may apply until February 28th, 2014 using the form which can be found at the web address

and submitting their CV. The stay of participants at the School location will be fully financed by the organization. An interactive web platform will be actived in March 2014 to provide the necessary scientific backgrounds to participants.

Full information on the School can be found at the web address

We would be very grateful if you could make extensive use of this information in your institution.

Sincerely yours,
Francesco Catino and Francesco de Giovanni