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Adolfo Ballester-Bolinches, Vicent Pérez-Calabuig.
The abelian kernel of an inverse semigroup.
Mathematics, 8(8):1219 (12 pages), 2020.



The problem of computing the abelian kernel of a finite semigroup was first solved by Delgado describing an algorithm that decides whether a given element of a finite semigroup S belongs to the abelian kernel. Steinberg extended the result for any variety of abelian groups with decidable membership. In this paper, we used a completely different approach to complete these results by giving an exact description of the abelian kernel of an inverse semigroup. An abelian group that gives this abelian kernel was also constructed.

2020 Mathematics Subject Classification: 20M10, 20M17

Keywords: finite semigroup; abelian kernels; profinite topologies; partial automorphisms; extension problem